Online Activism and VPN!

When I first started working as an anonymous online activist, I had no idea that I should expect to receive threats of violence. I had anonymous bloggers and tweeters threatening to sue me, to physically harm me, and worst of all, to find me! Who knew that anyone could harbor so much anger towards an animal rights activist!? I began to worry about the safety of my partner and my children, not to mention  myself, but I didn’t want to admit defeat so easily. I didn’t want to be bullied out of sharing my voice online.

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Luckily, a fellow activist friend suggested that I use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) find more here , so that I could truly retain my anonymity online. When I started using my VPN for the first time, I felt an enormous sense of relief. I even found myself laughing at the ridiculous empty threats from online trolls. Using a VPN has helped me to feel safe in the work that I do.

I also do a lot of online shopping, and and in the past I had to worry about identity theft. I would sometimes not buy something if I wasn’t sure I could trust the security on the website. And constantly I would read in the news about how large online companies were getting hacked for customer information. But with my very own VPN I don’t need to worry about identity theft. I now feel 100% secure in my online shopping.

I have also been enjoying the benefits of privacy when other people use my computer. I am not usually up to nefarious activities online, but I don’t always want my kids or partner to spy on my browsing history. I have enjoyed the the privacy and security of having my own VPN so much that I’ve been raving about it to my colleagues and friends. See the review click here & read