Secure Your Personal Information

I work pretty closely with the CEO of my company on a regular basis. I work at a start up, so it’s not uncommon for the CEO to know most or all of his employee’s names. We were speaking the other day and he brought up the companies VPN access. He was telling me about the various reasons for why we use VPN access because he finds it really interesting and now I do too. I was surprised at how many different ways VPNs keep the company secure.


For example:

  • It secures the internet connection of your computer

  • It encrypts all data you are sending out

  • It offers the ability to access the local files on your work computer from anywhere

  • It’s fast

  • It rarely fails to perform

  • It can hide your appearance online from those trying to access your information

  • It’s portable

  • It is cost efficient

As you can see from the above, there are really slim to no downsides to begin using VPN. The one thing I would caution you on, though, is making sure you choose a reliable vendor for your services. The reason I say this is, when we were researching our VPN options we noticed that there are dozens and dozens of vendors out there who all offer a similar product. The difference between them is that some are less secure than others. Just read is strong vpn the best vpn ?

Make sure you do your due diligence before just offering up your most secure information to one without a proven track record. It is definitely worth the extra amount of time spent in the beginning as opposed to spending the time after your system has been compromised trying to figure out where the problem went wrong. Good luck hunting for your perfect VPN vendor! Read private internet access or PIA VPN ressources and this is the hidemyass review .